10 reasons to visit Soth Africa

1. Table Mountain

This flat topped mountain is one of the biggest attractions in South Africa. The level top plateau has  approximately 3 km from side to side and can be reached with a cable way that rotates 360 degrees during the ascent or descent, giving a panoramic view over the city. There are only 3 cable way like this in the world!

For a photo gallery with Table Mountain click here

2. Helicopter tour of Cape Peninsula

From Cape Town you can enjoy a wonderful experience! Near the sea, close to Victoria and Alfred Waterfront there is a helipad from where you can depart in a 60′ flight with a helicopter to see all Cape Peninsula from above. Fantastic!

For a photo gallery of Cape Peninsula from above click  here

3. Cruise to Duiker Island – Seal Island from Hout Bay

From Hout Bay you can enjoy a wonderful 1.5 hours cruise to Duiker Island to see the beautiful seals. In the middle of the see, on a few rocks, hundred of seals are laying in the African sun. The scenery is amazing!

For a photo gallery of Duiker Island  click here 

4. Boulder Beach – Penguin Beach

One of the most beautiful places in South Africa is Boulder Beach! Hundreds of tiny penguins are populating the beach. Some of them are swimming, others just stay in the sun or nest. The little penguins impress all the tourists!

For a photo gallery of Boulder Beach click here 

5. Wine tasting in Stellenbosch 

Stellenbosch region is well known for the good wines and historical farms. During a half day tour from Cape Town you can see a wonderful scenery and you can taste a very good wine. Cheers!

6. Krugger Park

In South Africa is a MUST to go for Safari in Krugger Park. Krugger Park is one of the African Parks where you can see the Big Five: Elephant, Rhino, African Buffalo, Leopard and Lion!

For a photo gallery of Krugger Park click here

7. Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon is one of the most scenic route in South Africa. Places like God’s Window and The three Rondavels are well known stops for all the tourists. Here you can make wonderful pictures!

For a photo gallery of Blyde River Canyon click here

8. Bourke’s luck potholes

Bourke’s luck potholes is situated at the confluence of the Treur and Blyde Rivers. It is a day time visitor attraction and a fantastic rock formation. The photo gallery says it all!

For a photo gallery of Bourke’s luck potholes click here

9. Dinner in Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Cape Town

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is an amazing place, visited annually by millions of tourists. On the Waterfront you can find restaurants, cafes, bars, street performers, souvenir stores…you name it! What can be more relaxing than a nice sea food dinner?

10. Nelson Mandela’s house in Soweto Johannesburg

The small house impressed us! There we realize Nelson Mandela’s struggle for fighting against apartheid. Fantastic place!

For a photo gallery of Nelson Mandela’s House click here

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